Women Reclaiming Sustainable Livelihoods: Spaces Lost, Spaces Gained


Harcourt, Wendy, ed. 2012. Women Reclaiming Sustainable Livelihoods: Spaces Lost, Spaces Gained. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Author: Wendy Harcourt



This volume highlights women's work sustaining local economies and environments, particularly in response to the current food, fuel and climate crises. It includes women's role in the green entrepreneurship, women's reproductive and productive work in the care economy, and a further examination of eco feminist debates. (Summary from Palgrave Macmillan)
Table of Contents:
1. Redefining Sustainable Livelihoods 
Sumi Krishna
2. Women Advocating for Sustainable Livelihoods and Gender Equality on the Global Stage
Irene Dankelman
3. Towards Gender Equality in Global Sustainable Consumption and Production Agreements 
Kathleen Sexsmith
4. Gender Equality in Certified Agricultural Value Chains 
Noortje Verhart and Rhiannon Pyburn 
5. Global Agricultural Policies, Institutional Interventions, and Women's Livelihoods 
Rao Aruna 
6. Global Institutions Try to Get it Right: An Insiders Perspective 
Gretchen Bloom
7. Your Caring Sharing Co-op: Women, Work and Sustainability in a Polanyian Paradigm
Molly Scott Cato
8. Gender and Sustainable Livelihoods in India: 'Side Stream'/'Mainstream'
Sumi Krishna 
9. The Dream Merchants Have No Clothes: Women's Rights and Empowerment in the Microfinance Regime 
Soma Kishore Parthasarathy 
10. The Cost of Peace: Exploring Opportunities for Women's Livelihoods in Post-Conflict Settings 
Sabrina Aguiari
11. Sustaining Women's and Community Livelihoods in Rural Tanzania 
Mwajuma Masaiganah
12. Sustainable Livelihoods and Gender in the Marginal Alpine Communities of Trentino
Micdiela Zucca
13. Indigenous Women Claiming Their Land 
Marisa Belausteguigoitia Rius
14. Biocapital, Biopolitics and Biosocialities: Reframing Health, Livelihoods and Environments with New Genetics and Biotechnology
Liliana Acero
15. Gender and Sustainable Livelihoods in Urban Honiara
Anita Lacey
16. Gender and Climate Justice 
Ana Agostino and Rosa Lizarde
17. Epilogue: Green-Washing Warnings 
Wendy Harcourt

Topics: Agriculture, Economies, Care Economies, Environment, Gender, Gender Analysis, Gender Roles, Gendered Discourses, Indigenous, Livelihoods, Rights, Land Rights

Year: 2012

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