Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism


Diamond, Irene, and Gloria Feman Orenstein, eds. 1990. Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism. San Francisco: Sierra Club Books.

Authors: Irene Diamond, Gloria Feman Orenstein



Essays by leading ecofeminist scholars, poets, activists, spiritual teachers, and artists who envision a restoration of harmony in a global environment damaged by a devaluation of nature and women. Includes writings by poets, novelists, scholars, scientists, ecological activists, and spiritual teachers. Many were first presented at the conference "Ecofeminist perspectives : culture, nature and theory," held at the University of Southern California, in March 1987 (Summary from WorldCat).

Table of Contents:

Histories and Mysteries: In the Beginning 

1. Ecofeminism: Our Roots and Flowering
Charlene Spretnak 

2. How to Heal a Lobotomy
Brian Swimme 

3. The Gaia Tradition and the Partnership Future: An Ecofeminist Manifesto
Riane Eisler 

4. The Origins of God in the Blood of the Lamb 
Sally Abbott 

5. The Eleusinian Mysteries: Ancient Nature Religion of Demeter and Persephone 
Mara Lynn Keller 

6. The Woman I Love Is a Planet; The Planet I Love Is a Tree 
Paula Gunn Allen 

7. Rethinking Theology and Nature 
Carol P. Christ 

Reweaving the World: Reconnecting Politics and Ethics 

8. Power, Authority, and Mystery: Ecofeminism and Earth-based Spirituality 

9. Curves Along the Road 
Susan Griffin 

10. Ecofeminism and Feminist Theory
Carolyn Merchant 

11. Healing the Wounds: Feminism, Ecology, and the Nature/Culture Dualism 
Ynestra King 

12. Ecofeminism and the Politics of Resistance 
Lee Quinby 

13. Ecofeminism and Deep Ecology: Reflections on Identity and Discourse 
Marti Kheel 

14. Deep Ecology and Ecofeminism: The Emerging Dialogue 
Michael E. Zimmerman 

15. Searching for Common Ground: Ecofeminism and Bioregionalism 
Judith Plant 

Healing Ourselves: Healing the Planet 

16. Toward a Womanist Analysis of Birth 
Arisika Razak 

17. The Place of Women in Polluted Places 
Lin Nelson 

18. Development as a New Project 
Vandana Shiva 

19. Babies, Heroic Experts, and a Poisoned Earth 
Irene Diamond 

20. Goddess in the Metropolis: Reflections on the Sacred in an Urban Setting 
Irene Javors 

21. Women, Home, and Community: The Struggle in an Urban Environment 
Cynthia Hamilton 

22. The Evolution of an Ecofeminist 
Julia Scofield Russell 

23. Daughters of Growing Things 
Rachel L. Bagby 

24. Women Against Wasting the World: Notes on Eschatology and Ecology
Catherine Keller 

25. Perspective or Escape? Ecofeminist Musings on Contemporary Earth Imagery 
Yaakov Jerome Garb 

26. Artists as Healers: Envisioning Life-giving Culture 
Gloria Feman Orenstein 


Topics: Environment, Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Gender, Women

Year: 1990

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