Preventing Gender-Based Violence Engendered by Conflict: The Case of Côte d'Ivoire


Blay-Tofey, Morkeh, and Bandy X. Lee. 2015. “Preventing Gender-Based Violence Engendered by Conflict: The Case of Côte d’Ivoire.” Social Science & Medicine 146 (December): 341–47. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2015.10.009.

Author: Morkeh Blay-Tofey


Despite a growing awareness of the increased prevalence of intimate partner violence and sexual violence in conflict and post-conflict settings, much less is known about the dynamics, as well as the interventions that would be effective at individual, relational, and structural levels. In addition to the human capital lost by conflict violence, gender-based violence (GBV) poses a grave threat to the post-conflict rehabilitation process. With regard to violence that occurs during and post conflict, research must take into consideration the different types of violence that share similar causes as the larger conflict as well as become widespread as a result of the conflict and use existing frameworks to build future interventions. Researchers are trying to understand the interplay of personal, situational, and socio-cultural factors in conflict settings that combine to cause GBV and lead to guidelines for program planning to address the health and social needs of survivors as well as to prevent further GBV. These actions result from a growing recognition that violence represents a serious public health problem, is an important cause of many physical and psychological illnesses, and can cause social disruptions that impede reconstruction efforts for generations. This review studies the manifestations of GBV during and following the Ivoirian Civil War, juxtaposes them against narratives, as well as lists relevant interventions at the individual, relational, community, and institutional levels. Part of a growing literature that aims to better understand the nature of violence during and after conflict and to plan effective responses to it, this study hopes to suggest solutions for the situation of Côte d'Ivoire and elsewhere.

Topics: Armed Conflict, Civil Wars, Gender, Gender-Based Violence, Post-Conflict Reconstruction Regions: Africa Countries: Côte D'Ivoire

Year: 2015

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