International Law: Modern Feminist Approaches


Buss, Doris, and Ambreena Manji. 2005. International Law: Modern Feminist Approaches. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Authors: Doris Buss, Ambreena Manji


Over the last 10 years, feminist scholars and activists have turned their attention to international law with apparently dramatic results. The impact of feminist engagement is felt in diverse areas from human rights to environmental law. But what do these successes signal for the future? How open is international law to feminist enquiry? What does it mean to do feminist theory in international law? What lessons have we learned from engaging with international law, and what directions do we still need to explore? This book brings together feminist scholars from Australia, Canada, Sweden, Serbia and Montenegro, the United States and United Kingdom. Drawing on diverse theoretical approaches, the chapters explore the directions and tensions in feminist engagement with various areas of international law from human rights, trade and development, and gender mainstreaming, to humanitarian intervention, and environmental and humanitarian law. (Amazon)


Table of Contents:

1. Introduction
Doris Buss and Ambreena Manji

2. Feminist Approaches to International Law: Reflections From Another Century
Christine Chinkin, Shelley Wright and Hilary Charlesworth

3. International Human Rights and Feminisms: When Discourses Keep Meeting
Karen Engle

4. Feminism Here and Feminism There: Law, Theory and Choice
Thérèse Murphy

5. Austerlitz and International Law: A Feminist Reading at the Boundaries
Doris Buss

6. Disconcerting 'Masculinities': Reinventing the Gendered Subject(s) of International Human Rights Law
Dianne Otto

7. The 'Unforgiven' Sources of International Law: Nation-Building, Violence and Gender in the West(ern)
Ruth Buchanan and Rebecca Johnson

8. 'The Beautyful Ones' of Law and Development
Ambreena Manji

9. Feminist Perspectives on International Economic Law
Fiona Beveridge

10. Transcending the Conquest of Nature and Women: A Feminist Perspective on International Environmental Law
Annie Rochette

11. The United Nations and Gender Mainstreaming: Limits and Possibilities
Sari Kouvo

12. Women's Rights and the Organization of African Unity and African Union: The Protocol on the Rights of Women in Africa
Rachel Murray

13. Sexual Violence, International Law and Restorative Justice
Vesna Nikolic-Ristanovic


Reviews of International Law: Modern Feminist Approaches:

By Nicole LaViolette:

Topics: Development, Environment, Feminisms, Gender, Masculinity/ies, Gender Mainstreaming, Humanitarian Assistance, International Law, International Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Rights, Human Rights, Women's Rights

Year: 2005

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