Gendered Mobilities


Cresswell, Tim, ed. 2008. Gendered Mobilities. 1st Edition. London: Routledge.

Author: Tim Cresswell


Being socially and geographically mobile is generally seen as one of the central aspects of women's wellbeing. Alongside health, education and political participation, mobility is indispensable in order for women to reach goals such as agency and freedom. Building on new philosophical underpinnings of 'mobility', whereby society is seen to be framed by the convergence of various mobilities, this volume focuses on the intersection of mobility, social justice and gender. The authors reflect on five highly interdependent mobilities that form and reform social life. (Summary from Taylor & Francis Group) 
Table of Contents:
1. Gendered Mobilities: Towards an Holistic Understanding
Tim Cresswell, Tanu Priya Uteng
2. Mobility as Capability
David Kronlid
3. Embodying the Space Between: Unmapping Writing about Racialised and Gendered Mobilities
4. Motherhood, Risk and Everyday Mobilities
Lesley Murray
5. ‘Mobile Belonging’: Exploring Transnational Feminist Theory and Online Connectivity
6. Gendering Mobility: Insights into the Construction of Spatial Concepts
Nadine Cattan
7. The Culture of Automobility: How Interacting Drivers Relate to Legal Standards and to Each Other in Traffic
8. Gender Still Matters: Mobility Aspirations among European Scientists Working Abroad
9. ‘I’m More Sexy Here’: Erotic Subjectivities of Female Tourists in the ‘Sexual Paradise’ of the Costa Rican Caribbean
10. A Spatial Exploration of the Accessibility of Low-Income Women: Chengdu, China and Chennai, India
11. Gendered Mobilities in Developing Countries: The Case of (Urban) Uganda
12. Gender Differences in the Influences of Urban Structure on Daily Travel
13. Daily Mobility of Men and Women – A Barometer of Gender Equality?
Randi Hjorthol
14. Gender and the Social Usage of Mobile Technologies: From Information Society Policies to Everyday Practices
15. Gender Mainstreaming in Swedish Transport Policy
Merritt Polk
16. Are We There Yet? Women and Transport Revisited
Clara Greed
17. Gendered Mobilities: Epilogue
Mimi Sheller

Topics: Feminisms, Gender, Women, Gendered Power Relations, Gender Equality/Inequality, Justice, Race

Year: 2008

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