Ecofeminism and the Sacred


Adams, Carol J. 1993. Ecofeminism and the Sacred. New York: Continuum. 

Author: Carol J. Adams



This collection explores a wide variety of religious stances concerning how women affect and can be affected by ecology and spirituality. Through Ecofeminism and the Sacred (1994), Adams provides a valuable collection of works from key thinkers in an eclectic but important field (Summary from Science and Theology News).

Table of Contents:

1. Ecofeminism: Symbolic and Social Connections of the Oppression of Women and the Domination of Nature
Rosemary Radford Ruether

2. Sin, Nature, and Black Women's Bodies
Delores S. Williams

3. Talk about the Weather: the Greening of Eschatology
Catherine Keller

4. Tacting with Compassion: Buddhism, Feminism, and the Environmental Crisis
Stephanie Kaza

5. Feminist Judaism and Repair of the World
Judith Plaskow

6. An Earthly Theological Agenda
Sallie McFague

7. Ganga: Purity, Pollution, and Hinduism
Lina Gupta

8. A Feminist Philosophical Perspective on Ecofeminist Spiritualities
Karen J. Warren

9. Ecofeminist Consciousness and the Transforming Power of Symbols
L. Teal Willoughby

10. The Good Mother: From Gaia to Gilead
Ellen Cronan Rose

11. For all Those Who Were Indian in a Former Life
Andy Smith

12. Toward an Ecofeminist Ethic of Shamanism and the Sacred
Gloria Feman Orenstein

13. Ecology is a Sistah's Issue Too: the Politics of Emergent Afrocentric Ecowomanism
Shamara Shantu Riley

14. Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral: the Sacred Connection
Carol Lee Sanchez

15. Nuclear Power and the Sacred: or Why a Beautiful Woman is Like a Nuclear Power Plant
Jane Caputi

16. New Moon Over Roxbury: Reflections on Urban Life and the Land
Rebecca Johnson

17. Earthbody and Personal Body as Sacred
Charlene Spretnak

18. Natural Resources: a Conversation Between Byllye Avery and Mary E. Hunt

19. Taking Life or "Taking on Life"?: Table Talk and Animals
Carol J. Adams and Marjorie Procter-Smith

20. Ecofeminist Education: Adolescence, Activism, and Spirituality
Zoe Weil

Topics: Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Gender, Women, Religion

Year: 1993

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