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  1. Research

    Invisible Bodies: Gender, Conflict and Peace in Mindanao

    Hilsdon, Anne-Marie. 2009. “Invisible Bodies: Gender, Conflict and Peace in Mindanao.” Asian Studies Review 33 (3): 349–65.

    Annotation Available

    Topics: Conflict, Gender, Women, Justice, Peace Processes, Religion, Violence Regions: Asia, Southeast Asia Countries: Philippines

  2. Research

    Women's Rights and Development

    Fernández, Raquel. 2014. “Women’s Rights and Development.” Journal of Economic Growth 19 (1): 37–80.

    Abstract Available

    Topics: Development, Gender, Gendered Power Relations, Patriarchy, Rights, Land Rights, Property Rights, Women's Rights Regions: Americas, North America Countries: United States of America Keywords: women's rights, development, Property Rights, fertility, patriarchy

  3. Research

    Making the Invisible Seen: Putting Women's Rights on the Vanuatu's Land Reform Agenda

    Naupa, Anna. 2017. "Making the Invisible Seen: Putting Women’s Rights on Vanuatu’s Land Reform Agenda." In Kastom, Property and Ideology: Land Transformations in Melanesia, edited by McDonnell Siobhan, Allen Matthew G., and Filer Colin, 305-26. Acton ACT, Australia: ANU Press.
    Annotation Available

    Topics: Gender, Gender Roles, Gendered Power Relations, Gender Equality/Inequality, Land grabbing, Rights, Land Rights, Women's Rights Regions: Oceania Countries: Vanuatu

  4. Research

    Ecofeminism and Natural Disasters: Sri Lankan Women Post-Tsunami

    Banford, Alyssa, and Cameron Kiely Froude. 2015. “Ecofeminism and Natural Disasters: Sri Lankan Women Post-Tsunami.” Journal of International Women’s Studies 16 (2): 170–87.

    Abstract Available

    Topics: Class, Environment, Environmental Disasters, Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Gender, Women, Race Regions: Asia, South Asia Countries: Sri Lanka Keywords: ecofeminism, natural disaster, tsunami, Sri Lanka

  5. Research

    Rethinking Ecofeminist Politics

    Biehl, Janet. 1991. Rethinking Ecofeminist Politics. Boston: South End Press.
    Annotation Available

    Topics: Democracy / Democratization, Environment, Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Gender, Political Participation

  6. Research

    Ecofeminism Revisited: Rejecting Essentialism and Re-Placing Species in a Material Feminist Environmentalism

    Gaard, Greta. 2011. “Ecofeminism Revisited: Rejecting Essentialism and Re-Placing Species in a Material Feminist Environmentalism.” Feminist Formations 23 (2): 26–53. 

    Abstract Available

    Topics: Class, Coloniality/Post-Coloniality, Environment, Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Race Keywords: animal studies, antifeminism, ecofeminism, essentialism, material feminism

  7. Research

    A Discussion

    Hawkins, Roberta, Diana Ojeda, Kiran Asher, Brigitte Baptiste, Leila Harris, Sharlene Mollett, Andrea Nightingale, Dianne Rocheleau, Joni Seager, and Farhana Sultana. 2011. “A Discussion.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 29 (2): 237–53.
    Annotation Available

    Topics: Environment, Feminisms, Ecofeminism, Gender


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