The Consortium’s Filmography is a comprehensive list of films that focus on the gendered dimensions of armed conflict and peacebuilding, as well as some of the structural gendered relations that thread through pre- and postwar societies.

The resource was created for educators and activists who wish to bring the concrete immediacy and emotional resonance of visual media into their courses or events.

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To See if I'm Smiling (Lir'ot Im Ani Mehayechet)
Tamar Yarom 2007 59 min
"Israel is the only country in the world where 18-year-old girls are drafted for compulsory military service. In this award-winning documentary, the frank testimonials of six female Israeli soldiers stationed in Gaza and the West Bank pack a powerful emotional punch. The young women revisit their tours of duty in the occupied territories with surprising honesty and strip bare... see more

Umoja - No Men Allowed
Elizabeth Tadic 2010 23 min
"UMOJA (Kiswahili for “unity”) tells the life-changing story of a group of impoverished tribal Samburu women in Northern Kenya who turn age-old patriarchy on its head by setting up a women-only village. Their story began in the 1990s, when several hundred women accused British soldiers from a nearby military base of rape. In keeping with traditional Samburu customs, the women... see more

Unveiled Views: Muslim Women Artists Speak Out
Alba Sotorra Clua 2009 52 min
"In this revealing documentary five extraordinary women talk about their occupations, aspirations, and the rights and status of women in their Muslim countries. Bosnian Alma Suljevic risks her life daily clearing the landmines near Sarajevo that are war’s deadly legacy, then sells minefield earth in European art galleries so that she can continue her work. Eren Keskin, a longtime... see more

Voices of Iraq
Eric Manes, Martin Kunert 2004 80 min
"The makers of this documentary handed out more than 150 video cameras to Iraqi citizens -- mothers, children, sheiks, insurgents and many others -- and asked them to voice their perspectives on war, terror and reform. The result is a unique tableau documenting Iraqis' lives and hopes as they struggle with years of turmoil and strive to build a civil society."Source: https://... see more

Atul Gupta, Shabnam Ara 2005 24 min
"A story of missing people, boys and men who were picked up by security forces and then simply disappeared. The location is Kashmir. Sandwiched between India and Pakistan, Kashmir is a battleground for both. Since the men are missing, not declared dead their wives are not widows but 'half widows'."The 'half widows' need extraordinary courage in living. Personally they... see more

Weapon of War
Ilse van Velzen, Femke van Velzen 2009 59 min
"In no other country has sexual violence matched the scale of brutality reached in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). During nearly two decades of conflicts between rebels and government forces, an estimated 150,000 Congolese women and girls fell victim to mass rape. That figure continues to rise.  "Weapon of War, an award-winning film honored by Amnesty International,... see more

Woman Rebel
Kiran Deol 2009 36 min
"Over the course of a ten year revolution in Nepal - nearly 40% of the guerillas who joined the rebel army were women.  Woman Rebel follows the story of one such woman, Uma Bhujel (army codename “Silu”) from the jungles of revolution all the way through to the halls of Parliament. Having been propelled to join by witnessing gender inequality in her childhood, Silu... see more

Women in an Insecure World
Barbara Rady-Rupf 2007 45 min
"DCAF’s 45-minute film, "Women in an Insecure World," explores the lives of women behind the stories: why does a woman decide to abort her female foetus, how do communities come to reject female genital mutilation, how does a woman pick up the pieces after being forced into prostitution or raped during war, or when she is beaten inside her home?"Source: http://www.dcaf.... see more

Women in Black
Donna Baillie 2002 53 min
"This video documents the activities of Women in Black, a multinational organization that holds vigils for peace around the world, focusing on their efforts to promote a peaceful resolution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. We follow the London branch of Women in Black as they travel to the West Bank to form a human shield around Palestinian civilians. These feisty women, dubbed... see more

Women in Conflict
Radhika Kaul Batra 2002 26 min
"The film examines the impact of violence on women whether Muslim or Pundit in the Backdrop of the ongoing militancy in Kashmir since the end of 1980’s and their potential for leadership in conflict resolution."Source:  see more

Women in Struggle
Buthina Canaan Khoury 2004 56 min
"The documentary film Women in Struggle is about Palestinian women whom are ex-political detainees demonstrating their struggle during their years of imprisonment in Israeli jails exploring the affects and influence on their present life and their future outlook."The focus is on the lives of four women who came out of their regular roles as sisters, mothers, wives, and took on a... see more

Women in the Military: Willing, Able, Essential
Susan Sherwood 2009 62 min
"Since America's founding, women have been driven by patriotic zeal to serve their country, while concurrently pursuing greater economic and social opportunity. From uncommon soldiers who disguised themselves to fight and nurses that faced horrific wounds to those who proudly wear the uniform in battle zones today, women have contributed to our military might in ways unknown... see more

Women Like Us: Women in Iran
Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri 2002 60 min
"Filmmaker Persheng Sadegh-Vaziri returns to Iran after 20 years as an expatriate to present this intimate and revealing portrait of five ordinary Iranian women: a nurse, a journalist, a rice farmer, a religious college graduate and a piano teacher. Against a backdrop of Islam, revolution and war, they share their views on the veil, the relationship of Iranian women to the West and the... see more

Women of Cyprus
Vassiliki Katrivanou, Bushra Azzouz, Harry Anastasiou 2009 70 min
"In the spring of 2004, Maria, a Greek Cypriot, and Zehra, a Turkish Cypriot, cross to opposite sides of the green line dividing Cyprus since the war of 1974 to visit the family homes they had not seen for thirty years. Thus begins the personal journey of these women as the film follows them through their pasts, haunted by war and pain, to their present search for reconciliation and... see more

Women of the Military
Kate Hoit 2009 60 min
"Kate Hoit, a female soldier, comes home from Iraq, discovers that America has a distorted view of women in the military, and makes a documentary to tell the truth of what it’s really like to be a woman in today’s military."Source: see more

Women of Tibet: A Quiet Revolution
Rosemary Rawcliffe 2008 57 min
"A Quiet Revolution begins on March 12, 1959 when 15,000 unarmed Tibetan women took to the streets of Lhasa to oppose the violent occupation of their country by the Communist Chinese army."For the first time on film, three generations of Tibetan women and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama tell the story of one of the great movements of nonviolent resistance in modern history. From... see more

Women on the Frontline: A Narrow Escape
Kristin Sellefyan 2008 22 min
"In this film we document how difficult it is for Nepal to staunch the flow of young women being trafficked each year across an open 2,400 km long border with India… and meet some of the women on the front line who are trying to put a stop to the trade. We follow 24-year-old Sushma as she sets out to find the man who lured her to a brothel in Kolkata."Source: see more

Women on the Frontline: A Question of Rape
Kim Hopkins 2008 22 min
"Aired first on BBC World TV, this critically acclaimed series, hosted by Annie Lennox, gives a brutally honest account of the silent war being waged against women across the world."In the Islamic state of Mauritania, women who have been raped often end up in prison. About 60 percent of women who come forward with allegations of sexual violence are accused of Zina, or a crime against... see more

Women on the Frontline: Find a Word for It...
Kristin Sellefyan 2008 22 min
"Produced by UNFPA with support from UN Women, Women on the Frontline is a video documentary series, presented by Annie Lennox, that shines a light on violence against women and girls. The series takes the front to homes, villages and cities around the world where a largely unreported war against females is being waged.     "For the last ten years, the eastern provinces... see more

Women on the Frontline: Justice in the Region of Death
Margarita Martinez 2008 22 min
"Aired first on BBC World TV, this critically acclaimed series, hosted by Annie Lennox, gives a brutally honest account of the silent war being waged against women across the world."The Mid-Magdalena region of Colombia is one of the most macho parts of Latin America, a place where violence against women is a casual part of everyday life. But change is coming. One of the "change-... see more


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