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The Research Hub is undergoing enhancement and maintenance, but you can access our full range of resources by searching here >>.

The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights Research Hub strives to be the world’s most comprehensive, publicly accessible database of scholarly research on topics related to gender, armed conflict, peacebuilding, security and the construction of more just post-conflict societies.

By facilitating access to a full range of research in this field, the Research Hub aims to:

  • help foster more thoughtful and evidence-based policymaking
  • enable women activists from conflict-affected areas to more easily access the lessons learned by others in similar or related situations
  • support researchers from conflict-afflicted areas by making accessible a wide range of scholarly resources that are often unavailable in less well-funded educational institutions
  • help foster new research collaborations by mapping the community of researchers in the field
  • facilitate the identification of existing critical knowledge vacuums and encourage targeted future research

To these ends, the Research Hub is designed to offer multiple levels of engagement with the research.

  • Citations allow the user to quickly map the nature of the topics being addressed in scholarly research, as well as the researchers specializing in each area.
  • Abstracts and annotations enable users who initially lack time or access to still get the benefit of key frameworks and findings of the research.
  • PDFs of full-text articles will allow in-depth engagement by users who lack access to well-funded libraries. (Obtaining permissions and uploading articles will be part of Stage Two of the Research Hub’s development)

Taken together, the resources in the Research Hub will provide a global, evolving picture of the key questions in the field of gender and security, as well as a mapping of the researchers working on each question, and the most up-to-date information about on-going research projects and new findings.

Please help strengthen the Research Hub!
We have only completed Stage One of its development, and although we think it is already a tremendously valuable resource, there is much more to do.
How you can help:
  • Submit a resource: If you know of research which you think should be included, you can submit a resource, or, if you have a longer list of resources, send it to:
  • Volunteer! Come work with us as a volunteer or intern to expand our research collection on each topic, as well as to help enter new resources into the database.
  • Donate: We are now raising funds for the next stage of the Research Hub website’s development, which will include more advanced search and filtering functions, as well as more in-depth analysis of the resources.


Speaker Event

Rule of Law and Democracy in Russia

Publication year:
Date created: 1389375497
Custom text:

Regions: 5 2 Countries: 195


Women, War, Resistance in 20th Century Europe

Publication year: 1999
Date created: 1392842912
Custom text:

Regions: 2

Speaker Event

Gentle Invasions: NGO Funding and the Manipulation of Civil Society within Transitional States

Publication year:
Date created: 1393976523
Custom text:

Regions: 469 5 2 Countries: 83 156 232


All Our Lives (De Toda la Vida)

Publication year: 1986
Date created: 1318364913
Custom text:

Topics: 1422 416 1402 416 1275 Regions: 2 Countries: 220


Calling the Ghosts: A Story About Rape, War and Women

Publication year: 1996
Date created: 1318431840
Custom text:

Topics: 1422 1423 1422 6 1455 419 1416 419 485 10 1461 10 Regions: 2 480 2 Countries: 46 209


Counterpoint For Her

Publication year: 2004
Date created: 1318432337
Custom text:

Topics: 6 419 1418 419 10 1381 1383 1381 1385 1381 Regions: 2 480 2 Countries: 46


Daughters of the Troubles: Belfast Stories

Publication year: 1997
Date created: 1318433568
Custom text:

Topics: 1422 416 262 270 2958 Regions: 2 Countries: 119


Diamonds in the Dark

Publication year: 2000
Date created: 1318434189
Custom text:

Topics: 416 1275 270 2958 1614 Regions: 2 480 2 Countries: 194


Female Suicide Bombers

Publication year: 2004
Date created: 1318435049
Custom text:

Topics: 1612 416 1402 416 421 485 Regions: 5 476 5 469 5 2 Countries: 121 182 195 221


No Man's Land: Women Frontline Journalists

Publication year: 1995
Date created: 1318451308
Custom text:

Topics: 1422 416 262 Regions: 5 469 5 2 480 2 Countries: 19 46


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